Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Therapy Dog Volunteer Survey

Vanderbilt University, in conjunction The University of Pittsburgh's Dawn Marcus, M.D., is conducting an online  research survey of therapy dog handlers. The survey takes about 15-20 minutes and can be completed by handler who has made at least one visit during the last year.

If you are an active therapy dog volunteer working with any certifying agency, you are invited to participate.   Click here! 



  1. Correct link is


    Cathy Roan

  2. If you enter using the "Click here!" Link provided, you do have to scroll down to THERAPY DOG SURVEY. Otherwise, Cathy has provided a direct link to the survey.

  3. Just took the survey. Glad to see interest in therapy dogs and how they impact peoples lives.

  4. I love these dogs and most dogs show their affection for their owners and patients by licking their face, jumping on them and being excited. therapy dog test

  5. I bring a therapy dog into my dental office. Man, how people love it. It really helps people relax in that less than desired environment, especially children. For some therapy dogs need a little time to gain an acceptance. Its good that organizations like yours is promoting its use and raising awareness. Check out Molly, our therapy dog at